A Recent Work

This painting is a return to watercolor for a floral expression. Watercolor yields both the focal details and the color expressions I seek.

Dahlia Profusion
"Dahlia Profusion"
Cold Wax Internation Online Exhibition
Juried Show for paintings in Oil and Cold Wax. My diptych of "Soft Rain" was selected for this show
Mon, Jul, 1, 2024 - Sat, Aug, 31, 2024

My Art

I'm an artist living and painting on the Monterey Peninsula. Much of my inspiration for subjects and themes has come from the local area, while additional subjects emerge from various travels, both around California and beyond.

Recently I have discovered oil and cold wax for a textured and layered result applied in experimental paintings such as Abstracts. The feature work "Solace" on this page is an example.

I started painting with watercolors and evolved and expanded my subject range and the media I use. At every step, I've worked to develop my skills to achieve a variety of effects to suit the subject. This approach keeps my creativity fresh and sustains my energy to produce new work. You can explore the range of my work from the Paintings.

Many of the Trees represent the rich color and fine detail of watercolor. Acrylics allow a more abstract and textured result such as the Urban Landscapes. Pastels bring a softer feeling and a tactile experience for many of my Coastal Scenes and Familiar Surroundings. Oils have been the perfect medium for California Landscapes.

Cheryl Kampe

My Art Store Website

Please visit my Art Storefronts website where you can shop for prints of my work. The site enables you to order media, sizes, and matting and framing finishes to fit your needs. shop.cherylkampe.com